Citations & Achievements

Citing PyOD

PyOD paper is published in JMLR (machine learning open-source software track). If you use PyOD in a scientific publication, we would appreciate citations to the following paper:

  author  = {Zhao, Yue and Nasrullah, Zain and Li, Zheng},
  title   = {PyOD: A Python Toolbox for Scalable Outlier Detection},
  journal = {Journal of Machine Learning Research},
  year    = {2019},
  volume  = {20},
  number  = {96},
  pages   = {1-7},
  url     = {}


Zhao, Y., Nasrullah, Z. and Li, Z., 2019. PyOD: A Python Toolbox for Scalable Outlier Detection. Journal of machine learning research (JMLR), 20(96), pp.1-7.

Scientific Work Using or Referencing PyOD

We are appreciated that PyOD has been increasingly referred and cited in scientific works. Since its release, PyOD has been used in hundred of academic projects. See an incomplete list here.